Let’s Be Ridiculous!

“Life is too short.”  “Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”  “Don’t take people for granted.” You know the sayings.  But do you understand that they’re not just sayings?  I mean do you REALLY understand? These sayings are important reminders that we need “to do everything in love” daily.  My kids and my mom and I text almost every single day just to say we love each other.  We never hang up the phone without saying “I love you.”  I make a big deal out of holidays and birthdays because I want to celebrate the people I love on those special days.  When the kids still lived at home, Valentines was one of our favorite holidays because I had a tradition of making a special meal and serving it in heart-shaped dishes and the house was filled with balloons and flowers and little gifts.  That tradition continued last year when I did it for my husband and I confess I was disappointed when I found out my stepdaughter had other plans that evening because I was excited about her coming into the Valentines tradition.  (She lived with us at the time.) I’ve been known to buy special presents for people when I definitely can’t afford it if the present is just too perfect to resist.  I don’t recommend doing that (not at all) but for me, that gift is a way of saying “I really really love you.”  Sometimes I take my mom or husband or someone I love on a special day outing or to a special dinner “just because.” I love to celebrate the people I love for any reason or no reason at all. I’m also a love letter writer.  Many times, when my kids came back from being away for a week, they would come home to find love letters in their rooms. Every day I’m keenly aware that “life is precious” and that every day we need to be loving towards everyone we love.

You might think I feel and act this way because of some traumatic event that tragically made me aware of how precious and unpredictable life is but truly I’ve always felt this way.  I don’t know why I feel this way and I don’t feel the need to find out why.  I just know this…

I think living this way is 100% awesome and wonderful!  Some people might think it’s ridiculous and over-the-top and too much and other negative things about it but I say…

Be ridiculous with love!  Be over the top with love!  Be too much with love!  Be consumed with love!  Be obsessed with love!  Celebrate love!  Do it as often as you can!  Never miss an opportunity to be ridiculous and over the top and be “too much” with love!

If you find yourself with built up anger (that has gone a little overboard – these things can happen) in your heart for someone you love, ask yourself “How can I convert this anger to love?”  If you look at someone you love, REALLY look at them and see them through eyes of love.  What do see that you love about them?  What do you love about them that isn’t visible to the eye?  Think about those things.  Ask yourself “What can I do today to show love to the people I love?”  Send that text message!  Make that phone call!  Buy that greeting card and leave it on their car windshield or tape it to the bathroom mirror! If they don’t live near you, pop the card in the mail!  (When’s the last time you got a love letter or card in the mail that the only purpose was to say “I love you?”)  Send the flowers!  Get the jewelry!  Get them a new outfit! Take them on a picnic!  Take them to a fancy dinner! Make that annoying social media post! Deliver the coffee or Sonic Unsweet Peach Iced Tea! 😉  Take them stargazing and kiss them under the stars! Take them dancing!  Or dance with them at home! How about just look into their eyes and tell them how much you love them? Have you ever written a list of all of the things you love about them and given it to them? The ideas are only limited by your imagination!  (And your budget which again I recommend you stay within, but as you can see some of these things are free and truly priceless!)  Just do whatever it is that you know will remind them that you love them and think they’re truly special!

Fill your heart with so much love that there isn’t any room for hate. Fill your heart with so much love that it feels like your heart might burst.  Think of ways you can celebrate the people you love.  Then get ridiculous!

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